G'IMPRIM is the GRANGER group division specialized in the high quality printing of technical films. The six 8+colours lines can match customer and market most demanding requirements. They can run up to 500 millions of linear meters every year in both direct and reverse printing on flexible materials such as polyolefin and complex films.

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A little bit of History

In 1995 GRANGER Frères wishing to enlarge its product range, took over the printing division of Fardem, a Belgian group located in Quincieux (69 - Rhône) specialized in wrap films.

After its move to the St Pal de Mons site in 1998, GIMPRIM invested in three new 8-colours flexo printing lines and specialized in technical film printing. The company made the difference with competition by its high film and print quality and strong reactivity.

In 2006, G'IMPRIM implemented an ink making unit to guarantee the respect of customers colour charts

A modern new site is built in 2011 in Sainte Sigolène next to the coextrusion facilities. The High Environmental Quality building is air and humidity conditioned to provide the best printing conditions.

In 2012 and 2013 three new lines are implemented, extending capacity to 350 million of meters per year.

In 2015 a Week-End shift was launched to grow capacity

A sixth line is implemented in 2016 leading to a 500 million meters/year potential production. The solvent recovery unit started production after months of development.

2017: Laser perforation is now available for easy opening. The film can be precut with any shape (cross and web direction) and in any cut/uncut ratio.