G'IMPRIM is the GRANGER group division specialized in the high quality printing of technical films. Its scalable capacity is reaching 600 million linear meters per year. The seven 8 to 10 colours lines can match customer and market most demanding requirements.

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Because it is located in the heart of a preserved countryside, G'IMPRIM is striving to be a company that is both civic and aware of its activity impact on the environment. In this spirit the building has been designed following the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) standard. It has a wooden/concreted structure and an efficient insulation reducing its power use and noise output.
The groundwaters are protected by a 650m3 containment basin under the building. Local firemen have been trained specifically on our site to better tackle any potential danger. The fire protection devices inside of the building are considered as a model by our insurance company.

Every year G’IMPRIM is assessing its carbon footprint. In this regard, we have launched some innovative actions like power recovery and tape reduction. Downgauging actions have been successfullly led with our customers to optimize film thickess to the strict minimum. With these actions, we are supplying our customers with a more environmental friendly film.

Those actions and green spirit have been awarded by the ISO 14001 certification in January 2014